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Cooking Architecture!

"Welcome to Studio Karanka. As you can see from above, a very happy Finnish architect is cooking away a delicious seafood lunch at La Push (State of Washington) on the North Pacific coast. Architecture is similar to cooking; you have a selection of ingredients and recipes that produce tasty dishes. In a same way, you can make architecture out of very simple materials and with a down-to-earth practical methods, as long as you have the right mindset and curiosity to experiment. Thus my motto: form follows fun!"

"I hope you enjoy discovering Studio's website. Please feel free to give feedback or be in contact otherwise."



"Over the years, I've been very lucky to have had the chance to work together with so many talented people. I express my gratitude for sharing moments of their life with me and for championing to go further in discovering the wonderful world that we live in."

Architect & Urban Planner SAFA
Member of Finnish Association of Architects SAFA

Current status
2015  Founder of Studio Karanka, Würzburg, Germany
2015  Co-founder of FIN-GER GbR Finnish-German Concept Store, Würzburg, Germany

1999  Master of Science in Architecture with Distinction, Tampere University of Technology, Finland
1999  Master's Thesis: "Play, Creativity and Architecture 1:1"

Academic Positions
2019 - 2023  Visiting Lecturer, Technische Hochschule Würzburg-Schweinfurt, Germany
2000 - 2012  Full-time University Teacher, Lecturer and Ph.D Researcher, Aalto University, Finland
1999 - 2012  Visiting Lecturer, Tampere University of Applied Sciences, Finland

Private Employment
2019 - 2023  Freelance Architect & Urban Planner, Geisel Architekten BDA, Germany
2016 - 2023  Freelance Architect & Urban Planner, Jäcklein Architekten BDA, Germany
2014 - 2015  Freelance Architect & Urban Planner, archicult GmbH - Breunig Architekten, Germany
2012 - 2014  Project Manager in Urban Planning & Architecture, SITO Consulting Company, Finland
1999 - 2015  Private practice ArkkitehtuuriAteljee Karanka & Tamminen, Tampere, Finland
1985 - 1999  Private studio Atelier of Architecture Karanka, Tampere, Finland

Public Employment
1993 - 1994  Urban Planner & Designer, Municipality of Kangasala, Finland
1992 - 1999  Teacher of Architecture, Tammerkoski Art High Schoo, Tampere, Finland
1991 - 1999  Teacher of Architecture, Tampere Art School for Children and Youth, Tampere, Finland

Awards, honours and grants
2016  Major grant for teaching architecture to children in Germany, Ministy of Education & Culture, Finland
2009  Major grant for interdisciplinary Urban Planning & Design Education, Helsinki University of Technology
2003  Teacher of the Year at the Faculty of Architecture, Helsinki University of Technology
1999  Award for the Master of Science in Architecture with Distinction, Tampere University of Technology
1997  Artist Award for Architecture, City of Tampere, Finland
1990  Critic Award for Architectural Criticism, Province of Häme, Finland
1989  Prize for Best Academic Work, Department of Architecture, Tampere University of Technology, Finland
1985  Prize for Best Academic Work, Department of Architecture, Tampere University of Technology, Finland

Memberships and positions of trust
2020  Advisor in Architecture for the City of Würzburg, Germany (until 2026)
2006  Advisor in Architecture and Urban Planning for the City of Kaarina, Finland
2003  Advisor for the Finnish Esthetic Society
2002  Board member of Finnish Urban Planners
2000  Jury member of Environmental Art Competition (VVO/Amurinlinna), Tampere, Finland
1999  Member of Finnish Association of Architects SAFA

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